Post Graduate Scholarship


The Ngati Whakaue Education Endowment Board is pleased to offer scholarships totalling $20,000.00 to 
Post Graduate Tertiary Students 

2020 Postgraduate online applications are now CLOSED

Closing date:   30 June 2020

These scholarships are offered to students specialising in study in the following areas:
  • Maori Education
  • Tikanga me te reo Maori
  • Maori Health
  • Maori social and economic development including Maori leader and entrepreneurship
Applicants for these scholarships will:

Be enrolled in either postgraduate research programmes of study at a recognised Tertiary Institution at either Masters or Doctoral level.  Applicants will be engaged in a FULL time capacity in either a Masters Dissertation or Thesis or similar research project, or a Doctoral Thesis research project.  

Priority will be given to applications that -
- Demonstrate tangible outcomes and benefits to Ngati Whakaue - Te Arawa iwi (with specific relation to Maori education, Maori health, Tikanga me te reo Maori and Maori economic development including Maori leadership.  
Priority will be given to applicants who  (including legally adopted children):

- Are Ngati Whakaue descendants of an original owner in the Pukeroa Oruawhata block (view list of owners)
- Are Ngati Whakaue descendants of one or more of the 6 Koromatua of Ngati Whakaue (view list)
      Whangai will be considered in terms of the Board's Whakapapa Policy (2015).
- Are members of the other related hapu/iwi of Ngati Whakaue who reside in the Lake Rotorua basin.
- Are currently participating in the governance or management of existing Ngati Whakaue organisations or who plan to do so in the next three to five years.

Funds available will be distributed by way of
  • Two scholarships of up to $10,000 each e.g.
    Note: The distribution of funds may differ from that stipulated.  
  • Ngati Whakaue Education Endowment reserves the right to determine the scholarship distribution method including the right not to distribute scholarships dependent upon the quality of scholarship applications.
  • Payments of these scholarships will be by way of a one off seeding grant followed by a progress payment/s according to a successful project milestone (contracted) reporting process.
  • Ngati Whakaue reserves the right to use information collected for research purposes.
  • Successful applicants will not be eligible for a Ngati Whakaue Tertiary Grant (while in receipt of this scholarship).  If you have received a tertiary grant this year you may still apply, and this will be taken into consideration.
  • Successful applicants will not be eligible for this scholarship in successive years.
  • Scholarship recipients are required to complete set milestones.  The Board may at is discretion approve a deferment of a milestone report but reserves the right to recall monies already paid and/or cancel further payments for non-submission.
»View Postgraduate Scholarship Policy
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  • A 'reference only' form is available from your profile page to assist with application preparation - you must submit your online form.
  • When you have completed and submitted your online form, return to your PROFILE page to print your cover sheet and whakapapa sheet (if applicable).
  • Forward your cover sheet, completed and verified whakapapa sheet and all attachments as listed in the cover sheet checklist, to the Secretary's office by the closing date.

Existing login:  If you have applied for/received a tertiary grant (since 2012) please use your existing login to access your profile page and online form.  Ensure you UPDATE your personal details.

New applicants 
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