About Us

The Ngati Whakaue Education Endowment Trust Board is a statutory Board with Charitable Trust status. The Endowment was established in 1880 by the people of Ngati Whakaue for the purposes of secondary education in Rotorua. In October 1995, the Reserves and other Lands and Disposal Act 1995 vested all the assets of the former Rotorua High Schools Board in the Endowment Board and the composition of the Board and purpose of the Endowment were amended to give Ngati Whakaue control and to include the 'general purposes of education'. The purpose of the Board is to apply the net revenue (after administration charges) for the general purpose of education.  Board members are appointed - 6 by the trustees of Pukeroa Oruawhata Trust and 5 by the 5 Rotorua High School Boards of Trustees.

Income is generated from 94 perpetual ground leases contained in the land bounded by Amohau Street, Ranolf Street, Eruera Street and the lake edge in Rotorua.  At 31 December 2018 the net value of the Endowment was $64,279,990.

Mission Statement

The Board's mission is:  "To enhance the legacy of Ngati Whakaue Tupuna by

  • The responsible and effective management of the endowment  and
  • The provision of financial support to the beneficiaries of the Trust for Education purposes, that add value and benefit to our community"