2023 Tertiary Grant


2024 Tertiary Grants
The online application form will be open by 2 February.

  Closing date will be Tuesday 30 April 2024

Returning students (who have received an NWEETB tertiary grant since 2012):
To avoid being asked to provide your verified Whakapapa in the new system, please follow the instructions to access your existing login/registration.  Please email SUPPORT if you require assistance.  

NOTE: We've been advised some applicants are having trouble uploading and submitting their application using the Safari web browser. To avoid issues with your submission and upload of documents, we recommend you use Google Chrome to complete your application.

1Year of Study:
Applicants must be in 2nd year or higher of their current continued programme of study (Postgraduate study is continued study so cumulative years, as long as directly connected to undergraduate study)
If you are NOT in your second year or higher of your programme of study you will NOT be eligible for a grant. Certificates (equivalent to 1 year or less study, whether full time or part time over 2 years) are not eligible for grants.

2.  Whakapapa:
The Board will recognise only those applicants (including legally adopted children) who are Ngati Whakaue descendant of one of the original owners in Pukeroa Oruawhata Block (»view list of owners) OR descendant of one or more of the 6 koromatua o Ngati Whakaue (»view list of koromatua).  Whangai will be considered in terms of the Board's Whakapapa Policy (2015) No. 0611.

3.  Marae Validation:
Students are to state their connection to one of Ngati Whakaue Marae as listed (click here to view) and to obtain the signature of one of the Marae trustees. If you are unable to validate your connection to one of the Marae you may not be eligible to receive a grant.

Whakapapa Sheet & Marae validation:
 »Click here to download and print a blank sheet, for completion and verification, including Marae validation.   
Provided you use your existing login, students who have received a grant since 2012 will not be asked to provide their completed Whakapapa/Marae verification sheet.

4.  Grants are NOT available for FREE courses (i.e. programmes incurring no course fee).

5.  Postgraduate students:  If you are considering applying for the PostGraduate Scholarship you should still apply for a Tertiary grant.   

» click here to view NWEETB Tertiary Policy

Important information for ALL APPLICANTS

NWEETB has entered into combined funding arrangements with Maori Education Trust (MET). Students eligible for NWEETB grants may benefit from additional support by way of the JV with MET, along with tripartite arrangements with Victoria University (see below), and also with Massey University.  These additional allocations will vary from year to year and will be dependent on budget and number of applications.


Ngati Whakaue Education Endowment Trust Board are proud Taihonoa Partners of  Te Herenga Waka/Victoria University, and Maori Education Trust, resulting in tertiary grants awarded by NWEETB being matched by THW and MET through the Taihonoa partnership programme.   
To be eligible, you must be enrolled at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington and must submit your scholarship application prior to the closing date of this grant.

NWEETB online application requirements:  SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS
We suggest you have these saved and ready to upload before you start your application. 
You will not be required to provide hard copies.
1.  Supporting documents must be uploaded into your online application in one of the following file formats: .pdf, .jpg, .png.

2.  CERTIFIED COPIES:   With the exception of your whakapapa sheet, all COPIES of documents to support your application to be certified copies of the original documents (by either: An administration officer/clerk or any senior academic staff of education or training institution; a Justice of the Peace; Solicitor; Bank Manager; Principal; Minister of Religion or Chartered Accountant).

3.  Documents required: (you cannot submit your application if any of your documents are missing)
  • Whakapapa Sheet Verified, including Marae validation (new applicants must supply)
  • Enrolment Confirmation (clearly showing current year’s course, study status, number of papers etc)
  • Fees Receipt (showing your fees have been PAID; study link entitlement advice is acceptable)
  • Academic Record (clearly showing your progress-past year/s results in continued programme).  PhD students in Year 2 or higher of their PhD programme to also provide supervisor's brief report on progress.
  • Student ID (your current Student ID card)
  • Bank Account Verification (verifying your account number entered online)
4.  Penalties.   CHECK your documents carefully.
Your application may be declined if you do not provide all required supporting documents clearly showing the information required.
       - (At the Board’s discretion) If a request has to be made for any clarifying information or documents, you will have a penalty of 15% imposed on any grant that may be payable.  
 ONLINE FORM:   Instructions and process

ALL APPLICANTS:  Please READ the instructions, then REGISTER or LOGIN to start your application
Application can ONLY be made by completing the ONLINE form.
You only need to register once, to allow you future access to this and other NWEE online applications when available.   You will also be able to login at any time to update your personal details. 

    If you have had a grant approved in the past (since 2012) your details will be loaded into our new online portal.

    Click the ‘Returning Student’ link below to login to your existing profile.
    You must re-use your existing login email address as your Username.


    Click on the ‘New Student’ link below to register and register and create your portal login to access your online form.

    You will then receive an email with a login confirmation link, to set your password.
    Where possible, try to avoid using your work or tertiary provider email address.
    Ensure you have had your whakapapa sheet including Marae validation, completed and verified before you begin (click here to print blank sheet).
2.  Once you are registered, click the ‘Apply now/Resume Application’ on your profile Home page to enter your online application form.
3.  Save & Resume:    Use the ‘save my progress and resume later’ button at top of your form (the form does not save automatically).  
4.  Submit your online form: 
Once you have entered all information into your online form, you will be prompted to upload your supporting documents.  
      You MUST then click the SUBMIT button to complete your online form.  
For more detailed information refer to our 'application how-to' guide available in your online portal.  

2024 online application will open by 2 February 2024.

Closing date will be Tuesday 30 April 2024 at 4.30pm.

  • Students who have received a grant since 2012:    Use the 'Returning/Registered Students' button below, and use your existing details to login
  • Students who have not received a grant previously:   Use the New Students button below, and create a new registration
  • Please check your SPAM/JUNK email folders for any registration or reset password emails before contacting support. Thank you!

 2024 online application will be available from 2 February 2024


For TECHNICAL SUPPORT relating to the online form, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For enquiries on policy matters, eligibility or supporting documents, please email the Secretary's office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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