Ngati Whakaue-Te Arawa Writers' Grant Register of Projects


The following projects have either been or are currently supported by funding under the Board's Ngati Whakaue-Te Arawa Writers' grant programme.

Raimona Inia E OHO A 21st Century account filled with stories, whakapapa, waiata and images that have been collected, where possible, from the past and present Te Arawa elders purposely to ensure the perpetuation of Te Arawatanga.
(Published August 2018)
Dr Laurie Morrison The founding of the Te Arawa Women's Health League 1937 The important social history book as been timed to celebrate 80 years of Te Arawa Women's Health Leauge.  It reflects the lives of women and the impacts for children in the 1930s and early 1940s who were founding members as recorded in the 1937 Women's Health League Minutes books.
(Published December 2017)
Oratia Media /Paul Tapsell Pukaki - a comet returns, Paul Tapsell Reprint - Te Reo edition
(Published September 2017)
Te Kapua Hohepa-Watene Te Pātaka Kōrero a Te Hiko o te Rangi Hohepa This book will comprise the life story and a collection of works of Dr Hiko Hohepa.  As well as a biography, the book will include his kōrero on Te Arawa historical stories, tūpuna, marae, waiata, whaikōrero, contemporary issues and other topics.
(Published August 2016)
Cyrus Hingston Pou o Whakaue 2 (working title) A history of six Marae:  the tupuna, whenua, whare, tangata whenua and their memories of the Marae, the relationships to the ancestor Whakaue and Te Arawa whanui.
(Published July 2017)
Rawiri Rangitauira (Whanau) Moteatea of Ngati Whakaue  
Piatarihi Yates                       (Aunty Bea) Te Rau Aroha, The Kai Truck A children's story, written with sincerity, warmth and aroha. 
The beginnings, birthplace, name.  The tireless fundrising activities supported by the many communities, hapu, iwi including the children of Aotearoa.  The kai, treats, goodies - made, collected and sent overseas to fill the Kai Truck for the soldiers.
The warzone areas, the dangers and close calls; the shared stories and the importance of the Kai Truck to the Maori Battalion for all of us to remember and cherish.
The home of the Truck today - Waiouru army base.
(published December 2015)
Toni Cummins Mitai Rolleston
He Kanohi Kitea o Ngati Whakaue
A celebration of Ngati Whakaue, a celebration of the people and the many initiatives set up to secure the future of the Iwi in education, employment and the continuation of the reo.  Dedicated to my dad, the late Mitai Rolleston (Ngati Whakaue kaumatua).  It is a compilation of stories, photos and interviews of the key people involved in these initiatives.
(published July 2014)
Cyrus Hingston Pou o Whakaue
A book on eight Marae of Ngati Whakaue - the whenua, whare, tupuna, whakapapa, korero, hapu and whanau associated to each of those Marae.
(published May 2014)
Rangitihi Pene Kepa Ehau me ono wehewehenga Kepa Ehau me ona wehewehenga is a biography on a tribal leader and orator of Ngati Whakaue.
(published 2014)
Hamu Mitchell Ngati Whakaue - A History Ngati Whakaue - A History told through the deeds of its rangatira.  Here, from the first ancestors to settle in the Rotorua region through to the leaders of the nineteenth century, is the story of Ngati Whakaue.
(published 2013)
Aroha Yates-Smith He wahine ariki no Te Arawa (working title)

Hinetūāhōanga, Matuatonga, Pani, Horoirangi - wāhine ariki whose  kōrero are revealed through karakia/waiata/stories to educate and inform - the relationship between wāhine, iwi, taiao.