Discretionary Grants (Individual and Group)

Eligibility:  The Board will recognise only those applicants (including legally adopted children) who are:

  • Ngati Whakaue descendant of one of the original owners in the Pukeroa Oruawhata block (view list of owners), or
  • Descendant of one or more of the 6 Koromatua of Ngati Whakaue (view list)
    Whangai will be considered in terms of the Board's Whakapapa Policy (2015) No. 0611
  • Member of other related hapu/iwi of Ngati Whakaue who reside in the Lake Rotorua Basin.
  • (Group Applicants) Organisations that are recognised providers of education services and that have a significant proportion of members that fall within the above categories.


  • Assist individuals in obtaining qualifications and skills/knowledge for vocational purposes.
  • To engage individuals in education endeavours that benefit Ngati Whakaue (including research).
  • To further develop the educational and development opportunities for individuals.
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Purpose:  To support recognised Educational Organisations to develop, implement and deliver innovative educational programmes that -
  • Are outside mainstream funding sources.
  • Promote vocational and further learning opportunities and outcomes and personal development of participants.
  • Encourage group study and participation.
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The Board does not support applications for:

           - Sporting development or exchanges 
           - Purchase of capital equipment or vehicles 
» Download application form here - One form for Individuals and Organisations.   Hard copies available from Secretary's office.
 For further information please contact the Secretary's office.

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