The following projects have either been or are currently supported by funding under the Board's Ngati Whakaue-Te Arawa Writers' grant programme.

Raimona Inia E OHO A 21st Century account filled with stories, whakapapa, waiata and images that have been collected, where possible, from the past and present Te Arawa elders purposely to ensure the perpetuation of Te Arawatanga.
(Published August 2018)
Dr Laurie Morrison The founding of the Te Arawa Women's Health League 1937 The important social history book as been timed to celebrate 80 years of Te Arawa Women's Health Leauge.  It reflects the lives of women and the impacts for children in the 1930s and early 1940s who were founding members as recorded in the 1937 Women's Health League Minutes books.
(Published December 2017)
Oratia Media /Paul Tapsell Pukaki - a comet returns, Paul Tapsell Reprint - Te Reo edition
(Published September 2017)
Te Kapua Hohepa-Watene Te Pātaka Kōrero a Te Hiko o te Rangi Hohepa This book will comprise the life story and a collection of works of Dr Hiko Hohepa.  As well as a biography, the book will include his kōrero on Te Arawa historical stories, tūpuna, marae, waiata, whaikōrero, contemporary issues and other topics.
(Published August 2016)
Cyrus Hingston Pou o Whakaue 2 (working title) A history of six Marae:  the tupuna, whenua, whare, tangata whenua and their memories of the Marae, the relationships to the ancestor Whakaue and Te Arawa whanui.
(Published July 2017)
Rawiri Rangitauira (Whanau) Moteatea of Ngati Whakaue  
Piatarihi Yates                       (Aunty Bea) Te Rau Aroha, The Kai Truck A children's story, written with sincerity, warmth and aroha. 
The beginnings, birthplace, name.  The tireless fundrising activities supported by the many communities, hapu, iwi including the children of Aotearoa.  The kai, treats, goodies - made, collected and sent overseas to fill the Kai Truck for the soldiers.
The warzone areas, the dangers and close calls; the shared stories and the importance of the Kai Truck to the Maori Battalion for all of us to remember and cherish.
The home of the Truck today - Waiouru army base.
(published December 2015)
Toni Cummins Mitai Rolleston
He Kanohi Kitea o Ngati Whakaue
A celebration of Ngati Whakaue, a celebration of the people and the many initiatives set up to secure the future of the Iwi in education, employment and the continuation of the reo.  Dedicated to my dad, the late Mitai Rolleston (Ngati Whakaue kaumatua).  It is a compilation of stories, photos and interviews of the key people involved in these initiatives.
(published July 2014)
Cyrus Hingston Pou o Whakaue
A book on eight Marae of Ngati Whakaue - the whenua, whare, tupuna, whakapapa, korero, hapu and whanau associated to each of those Marae.
(published May 2014)
Rangitihi Pene Kepa Ehau me ono wehewehenga Kepa Ehau me ona wehewehenga is a biography on a tribal leader and orator of Ngati Whakaue.
(published 2014)
Hamu Mitchell Ngati Whakaue - A History Ngati Whakaue - A History told through the deeds of its rangatira.  Here, from the first ancestors to settle in the Rotorua region through to the leaders of the nineteenth century, is the story of Ngati Whakaue.
(published 2013)
Aroha Yates-Smith He wahine ariki no Te Arawa (working title)

Hinetūāhōanga, Matuatonga, Pani, Horoirangi - wāhine ariki whose  kōrero are revealed through karakia/waiata/stories to educate and inform - the relationship between wāhine, iwi, taiao.


Haane Manahi Memorial Scholarship



Applications are now open for 2019 Scholarships. 

Click here to download/print the application form, or copies may be obtained from the Secretary's office. 

CLOSING DATE:  Friday 17th May 2019


PURPOSE:  This scholarship is established to assist Ngati Whakaue students and/or apprentices undertaking study, or an apprenticeship, cadetship, traineeship, that specialises in either forestry, farming, trades or service industries. 
Examples of study, apprenticeship, cadetship, traineeship are as follows:

Forestry - Saw doctor, timber machinist, wood manufacturing
Farming - sharemilking, horticulture, agriculture
Building - carpentry, electrical, plumbing, joinery, communications
Engineering - fitting & turning, welding
Automotive Engineering - motorcycle mechanic, small engine mechanic/technician, auto electrical, automotive machinist
Service - hairdressing, pharmacy, hospitality, tourism, travel
Food - chef, seafood, butchery, catering

Applications are invited from:
-  Ngati Whakaue descendants of an Original Owner in the Pukeroa Oruawhata Block or,
-  Descendants of one or more of the 6 Koromatua of Ngati Whakaue

Applicants must (preferably) be residents in the Rotorua District and must have attended for at least two academic years, one of the following secondary schools in the Rotorua District:

- Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Te Koutu  -Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Ruamata
- Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Hurunga te Rangi -Western Heights High School
- Rotorua Girls High School  - Rotorua Boys High School
- Rotorua Lakes High School - John Paul College
- Reporoa College - Te Puke High School
We will also consider applications from Te Wharekura o Ngati Rongomai.
Criteria for selection:

Applications are invited from Ngati Whakaue affiliates who are undertaking an approved programme of study and/or apprenticeship preferably in the Rotorua district with an accredited Industry Training Organisation (ITO) or an accredited Education Provider where training and assessment is provided for a National (or local) Certificate/Diploma/Degree in the chosen vocation.  Applications will be considered based on:

- Initiative, attitude and motivation to succeed in their programme of study/apprenticeship.
- Commitment to whanau, hapu, iwi and community including cultural involvement.

- Applicants may be in first or subsequent year/s of their study/apprenticeship.  (Any approved scholarship will not be available retrospectively; i.e. only from year of application).

General requirements:

The Board may award up to two scholarships and these will be allocated by way of two parts.  The total value of each scholarship may be up to $6,000 per year of continuous study (maximum period of 3 years). 



For Current 2019 project grant holders only.  You must use your existing login to access your online report form. 
Please use the start/login button at the bottom of the page 

The online form will be open from Thursday 24 October.

CLOSING DATE:  30th November 2019


Applicants will shortly be advised of the outcome of their 2020 applications


NWEETB has been providing funding for 20 years, for projects in Rotorua schools that address under-achievement in literacy & numeracy. 

In 2018 a joint venture between NWEETB and Rotorua Energy Trust enabled an increase in this support and we are pleased to confirm that this arrangement is continuing for the 2020 projects.


The Board has a long term commitment to addressing under-achievement in the general areas of literacy and numeracy.  Ideally for long term benefit, the thrust of support needs to be targeted at the junior levels of schooling.


Applications will be considered from schools and educational institutions in:
 - the Rotorua Education district and
 - the Township of Maketu.

Grants are NOT available to individuals


Priority will be given to schools and educational institutions that have established:
 - relevant literacy and numberacy skills programmes
 - effective learning programmes that succeed in significantly raising achievement levels of learners
-  NWEE Funding will focus on Ngati Whakaue learners at all levels of schooling, whereas Rotorua Trust will focus on all learners at Primary and Intermediate levels.

»view policy

Any enquiries please refer to the Secretary's office.  


Applications open once a year, in mid-August and close in September, 1 week prior to the end of the school term 3.  Dates will be advertised in the local newspaper.

Application can only be made using the online form once open.


- Successful applicants cannot be guaranteed ongoing funding for subsequent years.
- Applications for currently funded projects may be considered for continuation, but compelling evidence of success will be required.
- The awarding of any grant is entirely at the discretion of the Board.  No correspondence will be entered into.
- Applications will clearly show the level of financial input which the organisation is prepared to provide towards meeting its share of the overall cost of the project.
Grants are paid in two instalments. The first payment is made early in the new school year; the second (after 6 months) only if the project receives a satisfactory formal appraisal carried out by the Board (or their appointed appraisers).
- Online reporting.  Two milestone reports will be required to be submitted to the Board online.  These will include budget details and pre and post testing data.  Milestone reports should reflect the development of project goals and key expected outcomes.
- The Board respect the confidential nature of all data furnished.  Data may be used for statistical/research purposes.
Milestone Reports: (login below using your existing details)
For existing project grants, milestone reports are due on 30 June and 30 November.  The report can only be made using the online form.  This form will be available through our website (Grants & Scholarships) and will open one month before the report is due (i.e. 1 June and 1 November). 
You will be required to provide pre & post testing results with your report.


(note:  for Milestone reports, existing project holders ONLY - you must use your existing school login)
  • Click on the button below to register (or login if your organisation has previously registered).  This is a one time permanent registration which you will be able to use for future NWEE grant applications and milestone reporting.
  • Complete (or update if necessary) your profile page
  • When you have completed and submitted your online form (your profile page must be complete to enable this), return to your PROFILE page and print your COVER SHEET.
  • FORWARD your COVER SHEET and all supporting documents - DUPLICATE SETS PLEASE including your cover sheet  (** refer list below) to the Secretary's office by the closing date

Send coversheet and all supporting documentation to the following address:

The Secretary,
Ngati Whakaue Education Endowment Trust Board,
C/- Deloitte, Level 2, 1176 Amohau Street,
PO Box 12003,

  • For further information please contact the Secretary's office.
  • For any technical issues relating to the online form, please contact Hello Online This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NOVEMBER 2019 Milestone Reports 
(for current project holders only - please access your online report form by using your existing login)


♦  Existing project holders: login to your School profile page to update your information or to complete applications/reporting forms:  You must use your school's existing login - (one ID per school) Please contact Support for assistance if required. 

** supporting documents for project applications (2 complete sets including cover sheet please):
1.  Most recent audited financial statements (excluding Schools)
2.  Copy of current PTE certificate (excluding Schools)
3.  Pre-printed bank deposit slip confirming bank account entered online.
4.  Letters of support
5.  Current relevant articles or reviews about the proposed programme.
6.  Furnish copies of policies, plans or targets for improving the achievement of Maori students.


Contact Information

Located at the offices of:

Deloitte (formerly Hulton Patchell Ltd) 
          Trust Secretary: Murray Patchell
Chartered Accountants           Ph (07) 343 1050
Pukeroa Oruawhata House                  Fax (07) 343 1051
2/1176 Amohau Street  
PO Box 12003  
ROTORUA 3045  
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Grant categories currently available through the Endowment Board are listed below.  Each grant has its own criteria which applicants must meet. 

For information on each category click on the following links: 

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Mission Statement

 'To enhance the legacy of Ngati Whakaue Tupuna by the responsible and effective management of the Endowment and the provision of financial support to the beneficiaries of the Trust for educational purposes that add value and benefit to our community.'


In terms of Section 11 of The Reserves and Other Lands Disposal Act 1995 the Board submits a copy of its annual report to the Minister of Education to be tabled in the House of Parliament. 

The annual report includes details of the Board's operations, proceedings and annual audited Financial Statements. 

To view a copy of the Board's annual reports see below:


The Board was created by the Reserves and Other Lands Disposal Act 1995 on 3 October 1995.  6 Board members are appointed by the trustees of Pukeroa Oruawhata Trust.  Those appointments are reviewed 3 yearly in accordance with the Act.  The next review will be 30 June 2017.  5 Board members are appointed by the 5 Rotorua High Schools.

The current Board members are:

   Appointed by:                                    
 Malcolm Short, ONZM (Chairman)  Pukeroa Oruawhata Trust                         
 Alec Wilson  Pukeroa Oruawhata Trust
 Monty Morrison  Pukeroa Oruawhata Trust
 Bella Tait  Pukeroa Oruawhata Trust
 Fred Whata  Pukeroa Oruawhata Trust
 Colin Bennett  Pukeroa Oruawhata Trust
 Aramoana Mohi  Rotorua Girls High School
 Jane Savage  John Paul College
 Violet Pelham  Western Heights High School
 Herby Ngawhika  Rotorua Boys High School
 Wynel Raureti-George  Rotorua Lakes High School
 Secretary:  Murray Patchell click here to view contact details